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Ricshonda Milburn

Ricshonda Milburn, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC UTMB Health Provider

  • UTMB Health Pelvic Health & Urogynecology, Clear Lake
    • 250 Blossom Street
      Suite 150
      Webster, TX 77598
    • Phone: (832) 632-7964
    • Fax: (832) 632-7965
  • Ricshonda “Nickie” Milburn has been a registered nurse for 15 plus years. Her focus in the last 6 years has been as a Women's Healthcare Nurse Practitioner for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Texas Medical Branch. She has also worked as a part-time adjunct clinical instructor for the UTMB School of Nursing.

    Nickie is passionate about nursing as a profession and a strong patient advocate, always working to improve patient care and outcomes. She is also supports a healthy work environment while promoting and supporting advanced education for her team.

    Nickie was born and raised here on the island, she attended Galveston public schools and graduated from Ball High School in 1995. She went to college at SHSU for two years, then to Galveston College, where she received an Associate's Degree in Pre-Physician Studies in 2001 and an Associate's Degree in Nursing in 2003. She then began working as a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in 2011 from University of Texas at Arlington and her Master's Degree in Women's Healthcare from University of Cincinnati in 2014. She recently received a Doctor of Nursing of Practice degree from Grand Canyon University in February 2020. Nickie is currently pursuing a certification if Registered Nurse First Assist with NIFA with an expected completion of August 2020.

    In addition to her professional work and educational endeavors, Nickie enjoys spending time with her family as a wife and mother of four children. She loves attending their sporting events and traveling as much as possible.

  • Medical/Professional School:

    University of Texas - Arlington, Texas, BSN, 2011

    University of Cincinnati, MSN, 2014

    DNP, Grand Canyon University - Phoenix, AZ, 2020


    Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner, National Certificate Corporation

    University of South Florida, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

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    A urogynecology provider is a subspecialist of obstetrics/gynecology that has received special training to diagnose and treat women with pelvic floor disorders. They treat various types of incontinence, severe constipation and prolapse of the bladder or uterus. They do not, however, treat any cancer. Nor do they treat kidney stones or deformed kidneys.

    In general the fields of obstetrics/gynecology and urology are quite different; however, in some specialized areas, the two fields share similarities and have a great deal of overlapping services. These specialists focus on pelvic organ prolapse, urinary and fecal incontinence.

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