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Liz Febo Rodriguez

Liz Febo Rodriguez, MD UTMB Health Provider

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  • UTMB Health Pediatric Gastroenterology, Clear Lake
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  • The specialty of Pediatric Gastroenterology helps children with disorders of the digestive system including recurrent abdominal pain, reflux, feeding disorders, liver disease, constipation, and vomiting.

    We care for your child and can perform many procedures, usually with the help of anesthesia, including endoscopy, esophageal pH-impedance probe testing, colonoscopy, breath hydrogen analysis, percutaneous gastrostomy placement, polyp removal and foreign body removal.

    A referral is required from your pediatric primary care provider.

    This provider cares for Gastroenterology patients under the age of 18, if you need care for someone over 18, please click to find a provider for adult Gastroenterology.

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    A referral is required from your pediatric primary care provider. Find a primary care provider.